So Ichiban-kon. Anyone? That would be awesome to see someone there that I had actually talked to. Either Mysterion or Mintberry Crunch there for one day.

Well, what I did for Halloween was Noodle. Eventhoughitallwentwrong. It’s my average life, always failing. I so very much do enjoy these socks. They’re the special ones that you wear with flip-flops, ‘cept they’re absolutely adorable with a little whale. Oh, sitting cozily in my bed is so warm and fun. even if nobody cares, I’m still updating. Just so I can vent some of my boring-ness to you all. You know what? I want to own a bakery. Like, a litle cafe where you buy pastries and special coffee. That would totally be awesome.

One of the few boring blog things out there. Woo. I feel so alive.


Oh, how I hate this time of the year. I hate calculating just how much moeny I need each week to get a certain wig or cut my hair. So, I am torn between 5 cosplays. The choices I’m having trouble with are:

1. Noodle (c) Gorillaz
2. Luigi (c) Nintendo
3. Kyle (c) South Park
4. Hello Kitty (c) Sanrio
5. Ramona Flowers (c) Scott Pilgrim?

I need your help D: